IVYMOBI AppLock – Lock your Apps to safeguard Yourself [Review]

Your smartphone is your best companion that always stays with you. Nowadays, people are obsessed with their smartphone, and they do everything using it such as chatting, emailing, messaging, gaming, banking, and many other things. Due to this much usage, it becomes very important to keep your phone and the appsinstalled on it safe from others.

I remember when I used to give my phones to friends, they start checking out the messages and chats which usually people do when they get others’ phone. When I came to know about it, I stopped giving my phone to others even for a minute. But, sometimes you cannot avoid and have to give your phone to someone for some urgent stuff like calling, etc.

So, what you can do so that even your phone is with someone else, he cannot peek a boo into your messages or chats or any important data?

You can lock the apps that you don’t want someone to look into. Yes, you can do it, and there are many apps available for it on Google Play. Recently I installed App Lock by IVYMOBI which is nice, and I am currently using it on my phone.


Features of IVYMOBI AppLock

1. Locking Apps

As the name says “App Lock” and as I said earlier this app’s prime work is to lock your apps with a pattern lock. App Lock locks almost everything on your phone such as:

Social Apps => In the age where communication gone online in the form of chat, and social media is what we use every hour of the day, it’s important to keep them safe from others, and App Lock is the best app to lock all of the social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

System Apps => System apps like calling, Settings, Gallery, etc. can also be locked using App Lock. So, that no one can use these too. Most importantly, we may have personal photos and videos that we don’t want anyone to see, then locking them is the best choice, and App Lock assures you full security by locking all of them.

Third Party Apps => Gmail, Youtube, Games, etc. can also be locked using App Lock.


In short, you can lock everything on your phone using IVYMOBI’s App Lock. Moreover, it has some really cool features too which you are going to read next in this review. They do add more value to this app.


You Just need to install the App from Google Play, run it, set the lock pattern, and then all the apps will be listed as you can see in above screenshot, just tap the check boxes to lock and when you want to unlock, just uncheck them. That’s it. As simple as that!

2. Intruder Selfies

Intruder selfies is a feature that enables your phone to capture the one that tries to hack into your phone. As long as he draws the wrong pattern, the app clicks the selfie.

To test this feature, I have drawn a wrong pattern, and it did click my picture that is saved and accessed from the app’s menu.


And, Intruder Selfie can be shared on social media as well that will help you publicize the guy who tried to hack into your phone. This Intruder Selfie share feature is good as you don’t have to do much for sharing the image captured.

Note: I blurred my pic since my hair and face all messed up. And, I don’t want to show my such face </p>
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