Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean

There are hundreds of task killer apps available on Google Play Store for free which claim to boost up your device’s performance by deleting junk files and cache. One of the most popular task killer app is Ivy Security-Applock & Clean. This app analyze and clean up junk files which are no longer in use, thus making your phone run faster.
One the most frequently asked question about Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean and other task killer app is that, are they really useful? Do they really work to speed up device’s performance? You may find many people asking these questions on online forums. This topic is worth discussing. So I am here to explain everything about it.
What Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean App Really Do?
Basically, Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean will delete junk files to boost up your phone speed. In junk files, it deletes following things:
-Cache data: As system and apps work, they save their cached data in RAM memory. There is no doubt in fact that Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean is smart enough in deleting system and apps cached data at once. But there is drawback of doing this. As you will delete cached data, some apps may cache them again after some time.
-Obsolete apks: Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean will find all the obsolete apps in your phone and suggest you to uninstall
-Memory boost: Android’s operating system and all other apps need their own room to operate. Ram memory is the place where they do all their work. Some apps are always running in the background. Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean simply stop them and delete all their RAM space to boost.
-Ad junks: Ads appearing on third-party apps and websites may save a lot of junk files in your phone memory.
So this is what Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean delete junk files. Another feature it offers is to boost up the phone’s performance. Here is what it actually do-As mentioned before, apps and Android system also work in background. Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean will simply stop them to work, aiming to boost up phone speed. It also deletes there cache data from RAM memory.
What Makes Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean App Unique?

Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean is much more than a simple task killer app and this is what makes it unique. These are some of its useful features:
-Lock other app: Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean has added a new feature which let you lock application with pattern or pin code so as to protect your personal data from other people. With this app locking function, you can lock social apps incuding Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram and system apps like Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Videos, and Email and so on. No one can mess up your settings for system apps.
-Save battery life: Battery saver claims to save battery life by reducing device’s performance and limiting most of background data.
-App manager: App manager is about to list all the installed apps, the storage consumption and also app use frequency, and then you can uninstall the unwanted apps to free space.
-Call Recorder: You can automatically customize the call functionalities as you required can record any incoming & outgoing calls. 
Ivy Security-AppLock & Clean is one of the most full-featured clean & security apps. Search Ivy Security to give it a try:
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